The Domaine de Venus was born out of a crazy idea shared by a group of wine lovers : coming to Roussillon and creating great terroir wines.

The original agreement was to patiently build a 15-hectare vineyard through the acquisition of parcels, sizing from a few ares to a full hectare, and the development of rare vines on the magical Fenouillèdes terroir, on the heights of the Agly Valley.

Le Domaine de Vénus - Génèse
Le Domaine de Vénus en 2016


The domain is made of more than 60 parcels today, all different (size, exposure…), making it an exceptional estate due to its originality and eclecticism.

Dynamized by its success, the domain has acquired 15 organically grown hectares of vines in 2015. It has then started a general conversion to organic farming in order to ensure better respect for the land and to improve the quality of the wine.


The founders of the Domaine de Vénus decided to create the estate in one of the highest villages and challenging terroir in Côtes-du-Roussillon : Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet.

Le Domaine de Venus - Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet
Le Domaine de Vénus - Génèse


The motto of the Domaine de Vénus’ associates is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s famous quote : «  …a great deal of happiness is given to men who were born where good wines are grown…»